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Half shoes “Dnipro”

Half shoes “Dnipro”

29,99 zł

Leather half shoes "Dnipro" with two elastic straps worn on the heel, adjust to the shape of the foot after the first workout.The softness of the leather allows you to comfortably perform exercises with elements of any complexity. Half shoes are designed for ballet exercises, rhythmic gymnastics, aerobics, and jazz dance.

Color Beige

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“Dnipro” half shoes owe their popularity to lightness, naturalness and durability. The use of elastic Italian leather provides greater freedom in movement, minimizing the risk of damaging fingers. Genuine leather perfectly adapts to the child`s feet, which is certainly a big plus for the people with wide feet. Feet sweat much less in “Dnipro” half shoes. The upper part of the shoe is made of calfskin, which makes this kind of half shoes more durable compared to others. Due to the high intensity during the trainings, we use only nylon threads in the production of our half shoes, which is why our products are pleasant to the touch. Long-term cooperation with gymnasts and dancers helped us customize the thickness and the type of threads. “Dnipro” model has two supporting straps and a wide elastic rubber covering the instep of the shoe. This model does not have an anti-slip pad.