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Napalcówki "Cherson"

Napalcówki "Cherson"

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Half shoes are designed for people, who are starting their adventure with ballet, dance or rhythmic gymnastics. The shoes are made of the best genuine Italian leather. Softness and elasticity makes them more comfortable in comparison to half shoes made of faux leather or artificial materials. “Cherson” perfectly fits child`s feet due to elastic straps that are worn on heel to provide secure fit.

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Half shoes “Cherson” are made of durable Italian leather. The soft leather sole perfectly adapts to the shape of the foot, allowing free movements on the gymnastics carpet. The upper part of the shoe is made of soft and breathing fabric, which helps child's feet breathe and prevents sweating. The half shoes sit firmly on the foot thanks to two elastic straps that are worn on the heel. Model "Cherson" effectively protects feet from scratches and allows you to move freely during the training. Durability combined with careful manufacturing is an excellent solution for people who value a high-quality product. Half shoes “Chersonare available in the body color. They are suitable for ballet, dancing, aerobics, yoga and rhythmic gymnastics.A wide range of sizes allows you to fit half shoes to any child's feet.