Ballet shoes for rhythmic gymnastics in low prices

Half shoes “Kiev”

Half shoes “Kiev”

29,99 zł

Soft and elastic half shoes "Kiev" quickly adapt to the shape of the foot, which gives a feeling of exceptional comfort. The product is made of high quality knit, which prevents feet from overheating and sweating. Moreover, half shoes "Kiev" are very lasting; the durability of the product will help to save on the purchase of the following pairs of half shoes

Color Beige

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We use high quality knit in the production of half shoes "Kiev". Due to its properties, it protects feet from rubbing and calluses, which is a huge advantage compared to half shoes made of artificial materials. The toughness of the material plays an important role in the durability of the product. Soft and elastic knit covers the fingers, adapting to the shape of the foot. Body color helps to create the impression of bare feet. The product protects the fingers and sensitive parts of the foot from injury, while providing full mobility.